The Nexy generation

Bill Harvey finds much to like about a new digital retinal camera system from Italy

With much attention focused on constantly evolving advanced imaging technologies, such as OCT and scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, it is sometimes easy to forget what an integral part of eye care practice digital retinal cameras have become.

And with retinal photography offered as a pre-screening service in many practices, the need for accurate image capture with sufficient ease for support staff to undertake the procedure has meant modern cameras have developed to a point where their operation is almost fully automated.

This is demonstrably so with a sleek new retinal camera system from Italian tech company NextSight that was launched in the UK earlier this year (UK distributor Grafton Optical).

The Nexy

The Nexy looks different. It comprises a lightweight camera unit (figures 1 and 2) which is operated from a linked tablet (figure 3).

Though not designed as a portable system, I was able to use the unit in different locations without too much transportation challenge – despite the best efforts of the Beast from the East. The main specifications of the Nexy are listed in table 1.

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