Eat up this Christmas! It is good for your eyes

Health experts break down the components of a Christmas meal

Worried about the effects of gluttony this Christmas? Don’t be. Health experts at Optical Express have broken down the components of a traditional Christmas meal and have unearthed some surprising benefits for your vision.

Turkey, the mainstay of any Christmas meal, is packed full of protein that maintains healthy retinas, keeping vision sharp. Vitamins such as calcium and zinc aid melanin production, which protects your eyes and helps you see in the dark.

Perhaps the most divisive of all festive food, Brussel sprouts, are one of the most nutritious vegetables on offer. They contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which work in tandem to sustain retina health and eye tissue that enables the identification of light and colour. Sprouts also support the macula in blocking blue light from screens, making it a must before settling down for a drowsy Christmas film.

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