MEI System: Professional lens edging

​MEI System has announced the release of its new lens edging machine

MEI System has announced the release of its new lens edging machine, the EasyFit Trend.

The EasyFit trend was said to be the perfect blockless, compact solution tailored for optical shops and small labs without compromising on the precision and reliability of milling technology.

MEI said that the new machine was an eco-friendly solution as it could save up to 1 million litres of water a year, and also required no blocks and pads during its running. The company also said that the EasyFit Trend integrated an innovative tracing system that increased productivity, alongside a ‘total quality control system that assured the precise automatic measurement of all optical parameters, avoiding the need for other inspection processes before and after edging.

EasyFit also allows for edging of prescription lenses for sport frames and offers an opportunity to create customised lenses with logos, letters and drawing on lenses via the Creativity Engraving function.

The machine recently won the Silmo d’Or award in Paris in the material/equipment categort, and took home the Vision Plus Award in Dubaio for the show’s ‘Most outstanding product’ award.