The UK cities ‘most likely to have eye tests’

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A national eye health survey among 1,002 adults revealed that residents in Norwich, Plymouth and Liverpool are most likely to have regular eye tests.

Residents in Belfast, Glasgow and Manchester were found by the online September survey to be the least likely to have regular eye examinations.

Commissioned by eye consultant and founder of the London Ophthalmology Centre, Vik Sharma, the survey also showed that only half of respondents (52%)  had regular eye examinations.

Sharma aims to raise awareness of the importance of regular eye tests even when eyesight hasn’t changed in order to identify undetected diseases such as glaucoma. 

‘Many don’t believe they need to visit their optician unless they see a noticeable change in their eyesight and are unaware that a regular test can pick up undetected diseases such as glaucoma and other health issues,’ he said.

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