Bill Harvey: Eurovision

It has been a busy week with two major publications appearing, both with significant implications for everyday eye care practice in Europe and beyond.  

Firstly, last weekend saw the release of the TFOS lifestyle report. With the aim of collating and analysing all of the literature relating to the impact of societal challenges upon the ocular surface, this major (and free to download) report is well worth a look.

The report confirms that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact upon ocular surface health, due to such factors as increased screen use and the wearing of face masks. The widespread review also looked at both the positive and negative effects upon ocular surface health of factors, such as exercise, cosmetics, recreational drug use, hobbies, traditional medicines and also the influence of societal pressures.

It concludes that ‘the relative impact of these factors is closely related to regional and socioeconomic variations.’ In other words, yet again: it’s the economy, stupid. Look out for a detailed review of the report in Optician next month. 

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