Diary of a Spectacle Designer: Finding a reliable optician

Tom Davies comes to regret his eyewear buying advice after a visit to the dentist

Recently I’ve been thinking about the similarities between optical professionals and dentists. In fact, I was thinking about it intently just a few minutes ago as I sat in a dentist chair and wondered what I could write about for my column this month. I needed some distraction from the intense drilling being carried out by my trusted dentist. 

I have been feeling a bit guilty recently. I wrote a column for Good Housekeeping, giving people advice on how to buy glasses. Obviously, it was full of fantastic advice drawing on my wisdom from the past 25 years.

In the article, I talked in detail about the relationship of the eyebrow line and the shape of the frame. I talked about colour and the need to build an eyewear wardrobe. All the usual stuff, to be honest. The guilt I’ve since experienced is not related to me moonlighting from Optician, but to one piece of advice, which latently feels a bit ill-advised to have put in the article.  

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