From the High St: Now I'm a 'convincer'

Paul Morris proposes that convincing patients of the benefits offered by community optometry is a necessary step given the challenges facing the NHS

If you Google Leana Wen, you will find that she’s got the kind of biography that makes a person feel intimidated and inferior. She is an award-winning author and columnist, a professor of public health and an emergency physician. A truly amazing resume.

I first came across her work a few years ago and was really struck by a quote she made. It isn’t short; if you asked me to repeat it on the spot, I’d get the general thrust of it but would fall short of replicating it verbatim.

It’s a phrase that I think very few would disagree with: ‘Public health depends on winning over hearts and minds. It’s not enough just to have good policy, you have to convince people to actually follow it.’

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