From the High St: Things can only get better

Paul Morris discusses the benefits of further education and gaining extra skills

In 1994 pop band D:Ream released Things can only get better, which got to number one in the charts. Over the years it must have made them far more in royalties than that original smash hit. It has been used in various adverts, TV jingles, sporting montages and, perhaps, most famously as the campaign song for the Labour Party in 1997, when a fresh-faced Tony Blair was elected to power in the UK.

I dare say you will hear more of this song in the coming weeks as news outlets are saturated with election coverage from around the United Kingdom. For what it’s worth, I hope D:Ream make a packet in dividends from its use. Whatever your politics, whatever your level of interest, it’s a brilliant time for us to use our own voices to make the case for our sector playing a bigger part in the transformation of ophthalmology within the health services.

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