Ignorance is not bliss in eye care commissioning

Following a sudden withdrawal of certain NHS eye care services funding, Moneo warns of the consequences of a lack of local representation across the UK when it comes to sensible commissioning of eye care services

What a strange world we live in at the moment. Not a day seems to go by without the NHS Catherine wheel of desperation spitting out another set of ‘radical’ ideas to save the fast-sinking ship of UK healthcare.

The one area that seems to be conspicuously quiet, however, is eye care. This is made all the more curious by the fact that we are the only sector who is happy with its lot. Every other facet of the system seems either to be on strike, threatening to go on strike or balloting its members about going on strike.

So, why is it that we are so content? Surely it cannot be because we are being paid sufficiently for our NHS services? Is it because we are happy with the contract we have with the NHS? I find that hard to believe.  

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