Mentoris writes: Accentuate the positive

Use these tips to improve performance by fostering positive teambuilding

In May and June, we discussed how to take more control over your own mind in order to achieve a more positive outlook. When I have helped business owners through the course on the previously discussed Positive Intelligence system, they often ask me whether this is a useful exercise for teams to do together? The answer is, of course, yes.

As a young and inexperienced manager, I remember getting caught up trying to chase sales to make up lost ground after a few weeks of reduced retail activity. I now realise that this was a mistake because I put undue pressure on the team, moving their focus from looking after the patient to trying to increase dispensing revenue.

I soon began to understand that my role as manager was to reduce the team’s stress and take away the barriers so the team could focus their full attention on helping patients and understand the products and services we could provide for them. Part of this learning process was getting to know how teams operate and how different members of the team have different motivations, outlooks and ways of working.

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