Moneo writes: Advanced state of UK optometry has been taken for granted for long time

We in the United Kingdom have an awful lot to be proud of but also have, for a long time, taken that for granted

At the end of May Viewpoint contained an article entitled ‘Harmony across European borders’. I, like Peter Black, was at the European Academy of Optometry and Optics (EAOO) meeting in May. I was not there as one of the political elite but as a practising optometrist presenting a poster and observing.

I attended some excellent lectures and workshops which, for once, left me thinking deeply about the way optometrists practise in the United Kingdom. So often CET can be undertaken from an almost detached standpoint and often at the end of a lecture or workshop one is left wondering what the purpose of the whole thing was. That cannot be said of the EAOO workshops and to that end I must congratulate the organisers.

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