View from the High Street: How are you going to make a change this year?

Judy Lea considers her New Year’s resolutions and how embracing change is the only way forward

Christmas and all the associated festivities seems so long ago now. All the decorations are packed away in lofts up and down the country, adding the extra layer of insulation that we may need in any ‘cold snap’ that is to come.

Attention has now turned to the year ahead and the resolutions that so many of us have made to become better people over the next 12 months. All will involve change in some way, whether it to change the way we look, eat or behave, all to hopefully improve our lives in some way. Patients in practice have certainly been enthusiastic and forthcoming about all their resolutions for the year ahead, although I didn’t quite know how to respond to the gentleman who said he was giving up his wife.

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