Viewpoint: Diary of a spectacle designer

Tom Davies reveals that he has been living in the Matrix for the past two years

This month I’ve been extremely busy delivering my company’s contribution to the marketing of upcoming film, The Matrix Resurrections. Well, I’ve also been on holiday in Barbados and I’m currently writing this on a cruise ship in the south of France but, that aside, I am now reaching the zenith of over two years of work on one of my most important professional activities of my career.

The marketing director at Warner Bros said: ‘I’m now handing over this project to my execution team,’ and the thought struck me that I too could do with having an execution team. That might be one for the future but this time round it’s down to three of my staff that I’ve roped in to help me deliver this one-off marketing extravaganza. And so, as I sit here on this floating buffet, writing this article, I know that the famous nose clip that Morpheus wears is currently being laser engraved, the window displays for 200 opticians are being printed, the 20 social media posts are being airbrushed and spell checked, the film set I’m building in my factory (for an interview I’m giving) is under construction and the nine key pieces of eyewear I’ve been licenced to produce for sale are being polished, frame set and packed.

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