Game Changers: View from the Present

Practice & industry leaders share the biggest changes in sectors

Peter Black, course lead for ophthalmic dispensing at the University of Central Lancashire.

Peter Black: The biggest game changer that has been almost universally accepted is the computerised automatic focimeter. Unlike a manual focimeter, which needs calibrating each time the user changes so that one person cannot see what the other can, the automatic focimeter can be used by anyone without recalibration so it is more accurate and saves a huge amount of time in practice. The latest lens meters, such as those from Topcon, utilise robotics to ‘grab’ the spectacles and orient them correctly and can identify the position of progressive lens markings.

PB: Although freeform technology dominates the production of surface lenses nowadays, I have been disappointed to see the slow uptake of personalised progressive and single vision lenses where this technology really comes into its own. It is disappointing to see older designs of lens manufactured using freeform technology rather than the sector offering individualised products that offer real visual improvements for the majority of patients.

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