A version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has been released by the College of Optometrists with blurred text and illustrations to highlight the importance of children’s eyesight.

It has been published as part of Focus on Life public awareness campaign after the College’s research found that 23% of parents do not take their children to get their eyes tested.

Daniel Hardiman-McCartney, clinical adviser for the College, said the book was created for people to consider what it could be like for a child living with deteriorating eyesight.

‘Reading is so important for a child’s development but to read well you need to be able to see clearly. We’re committed to encouraging people to get their sight checked regularly and we hope this blurred classic will help illustrate what it’s like to not be able to see everything in focus. We need to alert people to the importance of taking care of their children’s eye health as well as their own,’ he said.

The book has been displayed in the College’s museum and an online version could be downloaded from its website.