Metal Gear Solid JF Rey


French eyewear manufacturer JF Rey has teamed up with Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima for a special 21-strong ophthalmic and sunglass collection inspired by the fifth instalment of the video game series, The Phantom Pain.

JF Rey founder Jean-Francois Rey has had a long-standing fascination with Japan, which prompted the company to open a practice in Tokyo. Video game creator Kojima’s collects JF Rey eyewear and even places its designs on characters in the games he creates.

Metal Gear Solid jf REY


‘It’s a new adventure and a wonderful experience,’ said Rey. ‘It would not have been possible without the invaluable contribution of Hideo Kojima. This collection pays tribute to him, especially the Hideo Gear line that bears his name. We also held that the frames bear the same names of the heroes in the game. We all hope that this collection will be a great and unique surprise for the gaming community.’

Metal Gear Solid JF Rey


The collection reflects the nature of the video game, with futuristic lines, oxidisation effects and camouflage patterns. The DDGEAR 9930 ophthalmic frame features acetate and stainless steel sandwiched together. The military motifs are a nod to the video game and the acetate has been milled to create side shields, which also feature on the HIDEOGEAR 0030, although in this instance they are constructed from perforated metal. Sunglass model KAZGEAR5050 features a traditional aviator silhouette with a camouflage effect on the lenses.