The Purifeyes cleansing spray has been made available exclusively through optical supplier Positive Impact.

Recommended for the treatment, prevention and protection of eyelid margin inflammation, the cleansing spray is said to provide professional levels of eyelid and periocular hygiene while also reducing microbial overgrowth, inflammation and dry eye symptoms.

Purifeyes is suitable for treating the eyelid margin inflammation that most glaucoma patients on long-term prostaglandin analogues, 85% of VDU/digital device users and 60% of contact lens users all suffer from, according to the manufacturers.

Nick Atkins, Positive Impact’s marketing and professional services director, called Purifeyes a ‘game-changer’ for peri-ocular hygiene. He added that it uses a proprietary process to produce a highly pure form of hypochlorous at a very low concentration that is currently the missing step in a thorough lid hygiene regimen. This, he said, provides rapid antimicrobial action and protection.