Clinical progression with Boots Opticians

Meera Shah is one of many examples of clinical progression within Boots Opticians. Here, she shares with Optician her progression to clinical governance manager


Meera Shah joined Boots Opticians in 2004 as an optical consultant whilst studying Optometry at university. She then moved onto becoming a pre-reg optometrist and was subsequently offered a mobile role.

Within a few years she became a pre-reg supervisor, and soon thereafter was one of the first clinicians to become a clinical governance optometrist (CGO) within Boots Opticians, ensuring our stores & customers are operating in a safe and compliant environment.

Shah now works as our clinical governance manager, leading the Clinical Governance Optometrist team.


What is a CGO?

Clinical governance optometrists are spread across the country and home nations, they support the local area manager from a professional services perspective and are best described as the local clinical conscience.

The Clinical Governance team are experienced registrants set up to promote and embed the culture of patient safety through supporting our leaders, clinicians and colleagues in stores. They regularly work with external professional bodies including the College of Optometrists, GOC & ABDO.

They champion high clinical standards through our policies and procedures, that protect both our colleagues and our patients. The team work closely with each other and with stores to ensure these standards are met, offering support and guidance to our leaders and teams.

They also support our patients and clinicians with any clinical incidents and enquiries, through clinical investigation and support. To hear more about working at Boots Opticians as an optometrist, please register your interest here.