Are all multifocal fitting steps the same across brands?

This month, in our series looking at common myths concerning contact lenses, Doerte Luensmann and John Meyler look at whether different brands use the same fitting methods

Modern contact lenses are available in a variety of designs and modalities to aid vision correction in wearers of all ages.

Successful outcomes when fitting single vision soft lenses are typically straightforward.

However, multifocal (MF) lenses can be more challenging, and a variety of factors, including patient lifestyle and expectations, should be assessed before fitting.

The unique designs of MF soft lenses vary greatly between manufacturers and to determine the optimal lens, more than one design is often required during the fitting process.1-3


A recent survey of 1,028 eye care professionals (ECPs), conducted from 2021 to 2022 across multiple countries, showed that 36% agreed with the statement that ‘Lens fitting recommendations for soft multifocal lenses are the same across manufacturers’ fit guides’ (figure 1).4

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