Truth or myth: The preferred sighting method is the best way of measuring ocular dominance?

This month, in our series looking at common myths concerning contact lenses, Junghee Seo and Kurt Moody look at whether the preferred sighting method is a good place to start

Soft contact lens options for presbyopes include monovision and multifocal (MF) contact lenses (CLs). An international CL prescribing survey conducted in 2022 reported that these two lens modalities accounted for 21% of all soft contact lens fittings.1 

Looking specifically at presbyopic contact lens wearers, 53% were fit in MF and 7% in monovision lenses.1 An interesting comparison would be the country difference; the US mix is 30% multifocal and 31% monovision, whereas Greece is 80% multifocal and 0% monovision.1  

When fitting monovision contact lenses, the dominant eye is optimally corrected for distance and the non-dominant eye for near. At times, to extend the depth of focus with MF lenses, the fitter will add plus power, thereby inducing disparity, to the non-dominate eye to optimise near vision.  

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