Communication: ‘Contact lenses? I didn’t know I was able to wear them’

Optometrist and communications guru Sarah Morgan suggests ways to approach patients about potential contact lens use in the first of a four-part series prepared for front of house staff


Front of house staff (FOH) need to strike up a contact lens conversation with customers with confidence, recognising the opportunities this can offer both the patient and the business.

The accessibility of FOH staff means that they are often bombarded with questions – not all of which can be answered accurately. A frequently asked question is ‘how much are contact lenses?’ If only prospective wearers knew all the possible permutations and combinations that exist, they would better appreciate the challenge in giving an answer.

It can be frustrating for patients to get responses such as ‘it depends’. In many cases, they simply want some information – any information. They need an idea of the mystery that is the ‘contact lens’. They often do not know what is involved in buying them, let alone the process of fitting and deciding which lens is best for their eyes and appropriate for the amount of time they would like to wear them; some do not even realise there are so many to choose from.

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