Feedback: CLEAR interactive – 4 Scleral lenses

Clinical Practice
Optician offers responses to the interactive CPD which focused on scleral CLs

A scleral lens can be defined as a lens fitted to vault over the entire cornea, including the limbus, and lands on conjunctiva overlying the sclera (figure 1). Scleral lenses are becoming more popular and are indicated for a number of reasons.

Despite the increasing interest in, and use of, scleral contact lenses in the UK in recent years, most eye care practitioners (ECPs) in primary care will have limited experience of them. It is with this in mind that this CPD exercise has been developed and, indeed, your feedback suggested the rarity of dealing with such lenses in community practice. The source material was based upon the BCLA CLEAR paper on scleral lenses.1

A patient who has been previously fitted with scleral contact lenses in a hospital department has contacted your practice. They are unable to attend their six-month aftercare appointment at the hospital and have asked whether your practice might be able to offer this service. They do not require a full eye examination, as this is not due for another six months. You are much nearer and the hospital are happy for you to do so, if you have the capability.

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