Norville hosts lens day

Ophthalmic lenses
Norville is well respected for its diverse range of lens products and pioneering spirit when it comes to new ideas and visual solutions. Optician attended the group’s Medi-Lens Conference in Gloucester

Headaches are rapidly becoming the bane of modern life but attendees at Norville’s recent Medi-Lens Conference heard how research is offering new insights into the aetiology of headaches, new treatments and the role optometrists could play.

A fascinating talk by Dr Andrew Dowson, clinical lead at East Kent Headache Service, provided a medical view of headaches and provided a glimpse into a massively complex area. The good news is that it is commonplace for GPs to refer patients with headaches to an optometrist or for patients to seek help from an optometrist themselves.

From a medical point of view it is the sinister, serious headaches that Dr Dowson and his colleagues are interested in. These, he explained, tend to be sudden onset, often severe, events which do not adhere to regular, chronic headache patterns.

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