Blind Veterans UK commemorates 80th D-Day anniversary

Blind Veterans UK commemorated the 80th anniversary of D-Day this June 6 by sharing the first-hand experiences of 16 veterans who were serving across the Navy, Army and Air Force.

The charity organised a D-Day hub featuring exclusive video and audio clips plus the veterans’ own photographs, along with a downloadable commemorative magazine, D-Day 80: In their own words.

The veterans shared stories about landing on Sword beach, refuelling the busy landing crafts and towing gliders into Normandy - every role different, each one vital to the success of the operation. 

Adrian Bell, CEO, said: ‘We all owe a huge debt of gratitude not only to our D-Day veterans but all those who fought and to the many who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms today. Our respect for them has no limits. I hope you enjoy reading about our veterans’ incredible service.’