Luneau: Ultimate edging

Briot has released its latest lens finishing machine

Briot, one of Luneau Technology’s brands, has released its latest lens finishing machine that it said provided 3D previsualisation of the lens and the ability to determine an ideal base.

The Briot Couture machine can be used for mounting on difficult frame and lens base combinations, said Luneau, and its TrueFit technology delivers optimum bevel placement.

Luneau said the Couture introduces a ‘significant evolution in lens edging’ through new sensors coupled with a torque monitoring system that calculates the optimal pressure to exert on a lens throughout each step of the edging process.

A first-time fit rate of 95% is achievable with the Couture according to the company, which added that practitioners would be able to preview how lens designs, including power, would look in their intended shape.