New laser tech cuts recovery time

​OCL Vision claims 'first in the UK to have new form of keyhole laser eye surgery'

OCL Vision said it was the first in the UK to add a new form of keyhole laser eye surgery to its services that promised to offer a revolutionary and minimally invasive treatment option to patients.

The London-based clinic said the SmartSight procedure was painless, took minutes to perform and healed quicker than conventional laser therapy.

SmartSight used lasers to make a tiny incision in the eye’s surface, through which a small disc of the cornea was removed.

Allon Barsam, ophthalmic surgeon and co-founder of OCL Vision, said: ‘Laser eye surgery technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and the sophistication and sheer range of the procedures now available enable specialist surgeons to offer every patient a treatment perfectly tailored to their needs.’