Viewpoint: Diary of a Spectacle Designer

Tom Davies finds himself blindsided by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

I look forward to writing this column, but as I sit here now, fresh from the sad news of Queen Elizabeth II passing away, I really don’t know what to talk about today. Let me try.

I had planned to write about something totally different. I was feeling quite jolly actually. There’s been lots of action in my business over these past few weeks and I was especially looking forward to visiting Vision Expo West in Las Vegas to meet old friends and options, which are basically the same thing in my world.

I was filming some content for social media when the news broke and we had to stop filming. How could I smile and talk about bespoke glasses on camera as events unfolded? As I drove home through central London, I attempted a palace drive by. I couldn’t even get close to it, so instead marvelled at all the digital screens I’d never noticed before, seemingly on every street, beaming photos of Her Majesty.

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