Viewpoint: Diary of a spectacle designer

Tom Davies gives the lowdown on the return of the Great British Eyewear Show

The Great British Eyewear Show (GBES) is back. Yes, back and bigger than ever. In fact, the space we hired is so big that I need to come up with silly ideas to fill it up. Silly ideas are my speciality.

First of all, the practicalities of putting on GBES. My first thought was to check to see if the other brands want to join us and within 24 hours I’d sold all the spaces we allocated. I say sold but this is a show for independent brands and independent opticians. I’m not making a profit unless you consider the barista station finding its way into my factory post-show a profit. No, I’m putting this event on because I love to put on a show and the industry (and me) needs a show right now.

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