Viewpoint: Eco in the detail

Francesca Blackmore looks under the hood of sustainability in optical practice

One of the core values of my practice is our commitment to sustainability and since our very first day in business, we have always been as eco-friendly as we thought possible. We enjoy identifying easy new ways to reduce the practice’s environmental footprint, measuring the impact of the changes over time, and sharing our results on social media.

One sustainable issue that we have come up against in the past is greenwashing, which is when a company or organisation will adopt a marketing spin that deceptively uses green phrasing to persuade us that a product is environmentally friendly.

Years ago, we had our first brush with greenwashing when we took on a frame range ‘made from recycled plastics’ and later found that the company was not very eco-friendly and that only a very small percentage of the plastic used in this range was actually recycled.

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