100% Optical: In the frame

Optician spoke to eyewear exhibitors about new models and collections

British eyewear company Eyespace launched more than 200 new styles during the event in London across its entire range of brands with a strong focus on sustainability. Nicky Clement, head of marketing at Eyespace, told Optician: ‘As a company, we’re pushing as hard as we can for everything to be sustainable. We want sustainable to become the norm. People are specifically coming to us and asking about sustainability because they want to invest in sustainable products. It’ll become the norm and we want to be ahead of the curve. If you’re specifically looking for sustainable, there’s something for you whether you’re a Cocoa Mint or Basebox wearer.’

Among the launches were new models from Range Rover Eyewear, which Eyespace worked with to incorporate the architecture of the vehicles into the design of the frame. Masculine optical styles have a premium feel and minimalist design with Japanese beta-titanium and Mazzucchelli acetate used.

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