Batches of contact lens solutions, eye wash and eye lubricants are part of a voluntary product recall issued by Bausch+Lomb after a manufacturing sterilisation compliance breach was identified.

In an urgent field safety notice issued through the Medical & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), B+L said the breach had occurred at a third-party supplier in Milan, Italy. The company added that risk of infection was low and there had been no adverse events recorded.

Products included in the UK recall are Biotruecontact lens solution, ReNu MPS Multi-purpose solution sensitive eyes, ReNu MultiPlus contact lens solution, Boston®cleaner, Boston conditioning solution, Boston Simplus Multi-Action contact lens solution, Sensitive Eyes contact lens solution and EasySept contact lens solution.

Private label brands for Boots Pharmaceuticals and Specsavers included: Boots Pharmaceuticals Contact Lens Solution, Boots Pharmaceuticals All in One Solution, Boots Pharmaceuticals Advanced Conditioning Solution, Specsavers easyvision ultrapurpose MPS,

Boots Pharmaceuticals Enhanced All in One, Solution, Boots Pharmaceuticals Advanced Cleaning Solution, Boots Pharmaceuticals Advanced Cleaning and Conditioning Solution.

Full details of the recall and affected lot numbers can be found here