Through its UK distributor, Mainline Instruments, Huvitz has released the HDA-100 tear film analyser used in the diagnosis and management of dry eye disease (DED).

The HDA-100 features 16 different measurements and tests to diagnose DED, five million pixel image resolution, single and multi-shot video capabilities as well as two cones (main and placid) for different tests, such as interferometry and tear meniscus. All layers can be analysed – lipid, aqueous and mucin as well as the upper and lower meibomian glands when identifying dry eye disease. The company said it gave optometrists
a much better view of how to treat the type of deficiency with specific dry eye treatments such
as quantum molecular resonance or eye drops.

Mainline Instruments managing director, Simon Hawkins said: ‘The level of detail and camera quality is unmatched and will be a massive help in the diagnosis of dry eye disease, which is becoming more prevalent as screen time and
mask wearing increases.’